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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Breakings News !

Breaking news on screen used to catch our attention, but not now. It is normal term now.

What we have seen is the quality of news channel, their reporters are degrading day by day. There is every attempt done to sensationalize the news. The reporter does not have any sensitivity towards the incident happen, they just want the news to get sensualize as it may increase the audience count and in turn increase their TRP which in turn earn big money to producers and channel owners which in turn gives hefty amount to the channel reporters and news anchors. In fact most of the news channels have been owned by corporates who runs their own agenda. There is always an attempt to influence the policy of the governments.

This has to be changed. There has to be integrity, sincerity and unbiased version of the news that is coming out. The reported and anchors should act as agents for the social changes. the change for the good, for the benefits of the people. They should be proposing better solutions and have fair debate on it.

Some examples can be, they should do research on what's going on the education policy of the country, what is the impact and response for the news policy, how is teachers and parents responding to it, are there any issues in it which can be reported and improved upon.

They can take any new bills and see what changes it is bringing on the ground.

The good work done by any party should be appreciated and presented well.

There are so many things which can be reported, I hope the good sense prevails and we get free from the noise that is going on currently. These are my views and views of the most of the people, which need some attentions. 

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