Saturday, August 7, 2021

New World order !

There is formation of new World Order, I think US is losing it sheen and soon Russia is preparing itself to have solid position in new world order. 

US is sitting on piles of debt, this time debt is more than 2008. The huge printing of money to keep the rates lower and keep economic activity moving has raise the risk of inflation and the bubble to burst sooner or later. This will reduce the value of dollar further and soon it may not be seen as reserved currency. Russia has already reduce the dollars reserve to zero.

The shift of Germany towards Russia for the gas needs and allowing the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline is something which Germany decided going against the US. This supply of gas will again brings the economic prosperity for the Russia. Russia is now in good position due to excellent leadership of its president Mr. Putin. Putin understand the nuisance of world politics very well. Situations change very soon and he is able to foresees most of the situations very early.

Ukraine is one of the boiling points where we have seen Jets and War Ships being moved across the Baltic sea in recent times, Syria is one of the hots spot since long. Iran and Israel are claiming supremacy in their lands. It is question of existence for Israel surrounded by the Arab world.

There has been issues with China trying to go back to expansionist policy and capture lands and sea wherever possible. Due to this it is having friction with Taiwan, India and so many neighboring countries. This is all done to control world resources. With South china sea they want to control the route and take the cost of allowing the trade ships to passed through it. very shrewd thinking but it is not that easy. They also want control of fresh water of Tibet.

US and Mexico have border issues, The influx of migrants from Mexico is causing noise since long and hence the need of building such a huge wall.

Europe well known migration policy allowing Muslims from Syria and other parts of war torn country has backfired and they are now closing their borders for them. This was temporary arrangement but the war has gone longer and hence the issue, Also most of the migrants are loving the European life and they are hesitant to go back where they came from. Also there are lot of cultural difference where Muslims are more a type of closed society with man wants to give minimum freedom to women whereas in Europe, Men and women are given equal freedom with far more liberal attitude. So in such cases both of them oppose each others practices. This has strengthen most of the right wings in most of European nation like Poland and others. They are now openly speaking of moving out all migrants Muslims to their own land from where they came. It has also need to be seen that no rich Muslim country have extended support to war stridden Muslims in Syria and other parts of their world, it was only Europe which did extended but now local people of Europe seems facing the issue.

There is also some talks where Turkish leader having ambitions to brings back the times of Ottoman empire. He is trying to position himself the messiah of Muslim world taking that title from Saudi Arabia.  I think Muslim world should take some clue from Chechnya to follow the path of peace and prosperity of having right balance of religious freedom and creating a condition for the economic development. After all the role of the government and leadership is to create a conditions for the economic prosperity and peace.

What I have seen in recent times is there is no news of North Korea, few years back it was on Centre stage. It seems suddenly the North and South Korea have decided not to waste timing in enmity.

With more recent, Afghanistan has hit badly and we see lots many things happening there, Everyone believes if Taliban takes control it will cause lots of misery to women there. I think Taliban should now understand why the world is against them, there should be something wrong with their practices.

Coming on to India where I belong, I see lots of steps taken in positive direction. If it was not Covid, India would have been placed better but Covid has opened the entire flaws in the system. It are getting fixed now. Government has very good intention to get India in good position. With Covid, the healthcare system will change for better, there is lots of emphasis on Infrastructure projects. Government believes this is sector which can creates more jobs and more prosperity to the country.

In India, the digital world is taking over, We will see cash transaction reducing to very minimal soon. The digital world of payment and ecommerce is at its peak. We have seen some companies with digital footprints are having highest valuation, Zerodha and Zomato has shown what the digital presence can do. The one sector I see needs improvement is education sector, I think we should stop this as making a industry, It has to be nationalized. As with this trend, good education will go out of reach of common man. we already have seen people are not ready to have more than one kid in china due to high cost of education in china. Imagine type the pressure it is creating on that single child with such high cost invested on him and expectation from him. This has to be changed for better. Delhi government has taken good step in this direction and we have seen many people are sending their kids to government school, this role model has to be followed by entire country else the education industry sharks will bite everyone hard.

Lets hope we all come stronger post Covid and change the world for better, till then have a nice day..

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New World order !

There is formation of new World Order, I think US is losing it sheen and soon Russia is preparing itself to have solid position in new world...