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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Breakings News !

Breaking news on screen used to catch our attention, but not now. It is normal term now.

What we have seen is the quality of news channel, their reporters are degrading day by day. There is every attempt done to sensationalize the news. The reporter does not have any sensitivity towards the incident happen, they just want the news to get sensualize as it may increase the audience count and in turn increase their TRP which in turn earn big money to producers and channel owners which in turn gives hefty amount to the channel reporters and news anchors. In fact most of the news channels have been owned by corporates who runs their own agenda. There is always an attempt to influence the policy of the governments.

This has to be changed. There has to be integrity, sincerity and unbiased version of the news that is coming out. The reported and anchors should act as agents for the social changes. the change for the good, for the benefits of the people. They should be proposing better solutions and have fair debate on it.

Some examples can be, they should do research on what's going on the education policy of the country, what is the impact and response for the news policy, how is teachers and parents responding to it, are there any issues in it which can be reported and improved upon.

They can take any new bills and see what changes it is bringing on the ground.

The good work done by any party should be appreciated and presented well.

There are so many things which can be reported, I hope the good sense prevails and we get free from the noise that is going on currently. These are my views and views of the most of the people, which need some attentions. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

A New world

It has been since long that I have started writing blogs again,  There is so much happening around the world now, Covid 19 has changed entire status quo of world, Economies are stumbling, world powers are trying to hold their positions, The world is getting more interconnected. It is like there is creation of Entire Virtual world our there, People are connecting online, WFH has been new norms. There will be more changes happening across the world. The Pharma industry is doing it best it can.

World is waiting for the only one news and it is none other then the arrivals of the Covid 19 Vaccine.

I hope everything normalize post vaccine, however there are lots of learnings to be taken ahead.

A tiny virus ( I believe it is man made), If it would have been nature created, Nature would have cure it and human body would have developed the immune system on its own. There is no effect of atmosphere on this virus, be it severe cold or hold weather, it is not effecting it.

Governments has to be prepare for such scenarios and able to scale up the treatment process as its demand. The supply chain and logistics, laid down procedures should be in place. No one has expected that a tiny virus would cause such a devastating effect however it has and that is reality, We need to be well prepared now, It is all connected world now and anything happening in one part of the world gets spread like a fire in other parts of the world.

People should also start respecting nature more. There are few countries in the world who are disturbing the balance by eating the wild animals. This has to be stopped. let better sense prevail.

I would like to pay tribute to the Covid 19 warriors who are serving and helping people to recover and for those has laid their life for the safety of others.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Cast your vote !

The elections are due this year. All the parties are trying to gather people(voter's) attention. What I have see over the years of the government is that the current Government of BJP NDA is most productive and efficient of all. If previous Govt would have followed the similar pace,India as a nation would have been far more advanced nation at par with some of the developed nation in the world.

Take any of the areas like Road and Railways, Power, Defense, agriculture, Digital, etc Govt had worked on it at war front. This has to be appreciated and if people are intelligent and wise enough then they should continue voting for the same government else it will disturb the pace of the development.

Opposition will try to spread all types of lies. They will try to create different perspective and negative environment in the country but we need to believe what we see with our own eyes.

People at many level think whoever comes at the centre, they do not care as they are not directly affected by it but the reality is every policy decision,every development work Govt do; each and every individual is affected by it.

I think people are wise enough to know what is good or bad for them. What I hope is people should go to the polling boot and cast their vote and vote who ever lead our country to developed nation category.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Time management

Time management is one of the important part of our life. To have a productive time management every one should plan their time.

The very first important steps in time management is to observe and write down their day to day activities. Observation is one of the key requirement in proper time management.

Observe like from the time you wake up early in the morning till the time you go to bed and see where have you invested your time. Make a note and write all the minute details.Make this observation for few day after which you will derive the pattern of your time spent.

If you are utilizing your time in such a way that it is leading you to towards fulfillment of your life goals then it is fine however if time spent is deviating largely from your goals then you need to reconsider you spending of time and customized it in such a way that every second you spent is moving to your goals. 

It should not always be work related, you also need to plan some slot for refreshment and recreational activities like weekend picnic, club activities,etc.

So lets start it now.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Lost in the net !

It is getting overly complicated now. A complex web of information is flowing all around. Earlier there was only one TV channel & just a single radio station. Now we have channels unlimited.

There are daily soaps, music remix, movies, sports, online product sale channels and if that is not enough, there is video streaming.

Now we can understand elders in the family watching daily soaps to have some entertainment but the problem is, children are also watching those daily serials which are full of dramas and emotional torture imposed, not sure how can people keep on watching the serials just to know what will happen in next episode, human nature is really full of curiosity you know.

And then mother of all, the social media.There are so many of these siblings like  Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, Instagram, that little mind of yours will get lost and disillusioned by all the information flowing around here and there. How much can that little mind gather and how much it focus on.

People should know the ill effects , especially the children. Child brain and mind is not use to so much of the information. This will make them restless and further cause complication in them. This has to be stop. Parents need to take charge of this. Need to be strict if needed.

And people who have already been addicted to it should start meditation. This will help mind to calm down and focus.

On other side, a proper use of the social media can make people earn them money. There is YouTube, People are using it for all purpose. Upload any thing you think you are good in it, get the views, get the subscribers and start earning.

At the end, I would just say use all above tools at your own discretion and make sure you benefit from it instead of getting harmed by it. Let break the net and be free again.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

What is he saying ?

It is one of the most important sought after skills yet many people pay very little attentions to it and when they enter the corporate or business world then they understand the importance of it.

One tweet from the CEO or President can play havoc in the stock market.One tweet can make or break relationship between two nations. Speeches can win or loose elections.

You all may have guessed what I am talking about, Yes..It is communication, both written and verbal.It is very important skills that needs to be some how taught at the very tender age.

It is the topic that should have been taught in our primary schools. It should be one of the subject.
The topics should include like how to initiate a conversation, how to build a rapport, how to keep the flow of our talk. The tone,modulations, difference between verbal and written, formal and informal

The ability to give speech and arouse enthusiast in the minds of listener.The ability to write so as to influence the readers in a correct way.

All these skills are not only important in political or movie world. It is equally beneficial to all of us to move ahead in life and whatever field we are in.

I hope you all will agree on this.

kindly provide your comments.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Beliefs & Disbeliefs

Our Beliefs & disbelief makes a lot of difference on our daily life and future. Future of us & the future of the country as a whole.

India as every one knows is a land of cultural significance.The tradition changes from state to state. For example, lets consider marriage. Every states will have different practices and rituals to get the marriage done. I always think how these traditions came into practices. Each action that is perform have specific significance. And in most of the Indian traditions the rituals revolves around the planets.

There are 9 planets and each planets is attached a character. Now some of the people (the scholars) in India started observing the position of these planets whenever a person in Royal family is born. And they started noting down the character and achievements of these people every year. This way they started noting it down and preparing the entire life database of such peoples.

Afterwards if someone from Royal family use to ask such scholars how there newborn prince will be in future, they use to search the database and find who previously has born during that month and the position of the planets and if everything matches, they used to predicts characters and achievements, etc based on the person in database. They use to predict that at this moment this person will face such problems and then they use to suggests way to overcome such difficulties by performing puja, shanti,etc.

I believe that there was no intention of cheating other person during that time, They themselves use to believe that whatever written in the database is correct and things will happen as per that.

But we need to think if any life situation for one particular person at that time, shall occurs same in today's time. we need to start rejecting such theories. We had lost most of the intelligence in believing such thing and limiting our potentials and doing nothing.

Countries like US and Japan never believed this and they used their intelligent in research and development of things that can be useful to the society and see where they are as compared to other nations like India. We need to come out of such childish mindset and start to believe big and start believing in our potentials. It is limitless, we need to just focus and give directions to our dreams.